Utensils and Straws by request only

Starting September 2, 2020, we will ask you if you want utensils and straws with your order. If you want any of these items, please request them. We are making this change due to changes in county law that are slated to go into effect at the beginning of next year. We would like to get started sooner so that customers have a chance to get used to the new processes before the city implements a fine for non-compliance. We, along with all other food establishments on Oahu, are required to make this change due to City Council Bill 40. 

Neighbor Island: The same process will apply as we are making this change to have a common operational process across the state, as the City & County of Honolulu has passed new ordinances that requires this on Oahu.

We appreciate your understanding as we make these mandatory changes.

How to add utensils and straws to your online order:

Click “View Cart”

Click “ADD” next to UTENSILS & STRAWS

Select “Yes” and ADD TO CART