Benefit Fundraising

Raise money for your non-profit or organization with Zippy’s. Our Benefit Fundraising program has helped raise millions of dollars and best of all, it’s easy. Now Organizations can make $5.00* per ticket sold! (*less tax, see full details in the FAQs).

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Zippy’s fundraising program just got better with more choices!

If your school or club needs to raise money for travel or other needs, start early!

Zippy's Fundraising
  • Meat & Egg Breakfast with Small Coffee or Regular Soft Drink (redeemable during breakfast hours only. Orange Bang and Lilikoi drinks are not included.)
  • Cornbread (5 pieces)
  • Portuguese Bean Soup (1.5 lbs.)
  • AND OF COURSE, our famous Zippy’s Chili in Original, Vegetarian or No-Bean (1.5 lbs.)

You still have the choice of one of Zippy’s favorites: chili or portuguese bean soup. And NEW to the program is a breakfast or bakery option. You can choose a breakfast plate and regular drink, or 5 pieces of Napoleon’s Bakery® cornbread. Redeem a ticket for chili, and another for cornbread to make the perfect combination! Or just start your day right and redeem a ticket for a regular breakfast plate and a small coffee or regular soft drink.

Zippy’s Fundraising is making it easier to sell more tickets and earn more money with more choices!


How It Works

1. Any legitimate non-profit club or organization can apply — just submit the online Application Form (no worries, it’s easy).

2. Once your application is approved, a Contract and Ticket Order Form will be emailed to both signers for e-signatures.

3. Once the Contract and Ticket Order Form is electronically signed by both parties, tickets will be ordered. Tickets take up to 5-working days to print. (Nevada: tickets will then be sent to Zippy’s Badura)

4. You can start selling/redeeming as soon as you receive the tickets! Tickets can be redeemed in both Hawaii and Nevada!

(Remember that you will be responsible for all applicable state taxes on the sales.)

Redeeming Tickets

Ticket buyers can redeem each of their tickets in-store at any Zippy’s location.
Tickets cannot be redeemed online, through the app, or through call center. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Get Started

If you have questions, email [email protected] or contact us at (808) 973-0880 (Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm HST)

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(Zippy’s Fundraising Program is NOW offered in NEVADA!)

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Who can apply?

Any legitimate non-profit club or organization can apply. This includes: school groups or clubs, athletic organizations, church groups, etc.

How much money can we make?
This depends on where your organization is located, due to differing tax regulations.
  • Hawaii-based organizations: Each ticket you sell to your purchasers is priced at $11 each. Your organization pays Zippy’s $6 plus applicable GE Tax for each ticket. Therefore, your organization will earn about $5 (pre-tax) for each ticket sold!
  • Nevada-based organizations: Each ticket you sell to your purchasers is priced at $11 each. Your organization pays Zippy’s a flat $7 for each ticket (the sales tax for your locality is included in the flat price). Therefore, your organization will earn $4 for each ticket sold!
How do we apply?

Click on “Begin Online Application” located near the top of the page and fill out the application form. Applications are not accepted at the stores. After the application is approved, the two individuals on the application will receive an email of the Contract and Ticket Order Form for electronic signatures. 

Who is responsible for payment?

The organization must have two individuals (18 years and older) who are able to demonstrate a financial ability to pay for the sale (must have full-time employment). The two individuals cannot be related and cannot be living in the same household. These individuals will be held personally responsible for the payment of the sale.

Do we need to make an advance payment?

A $400.00 down payment will be required for organizations who are signing up for Benefit Fundraising for the first time and/or if the organization or organization representative has not completed a Zippy’s Fundraiser within the past two years. This payment will be applied towards the final ticket order. A progress payment mid-way through the sale will also be required.

How long can we run the sale?

The normal sale period is approximately 10-weeks (selling time and redemption.). The end of the sale or ticket expiration date is printed on each ticket issued.

Is there a minimum ticket order?

A minimum of 200 tickets must be purchased. Your organization’s cost for the tickets is $1,200 plus applicable GET* ($6.00 x 200 tickets plus applicable GET). Organizations are required to sell a minimum of 200 tickets; if you sell less, you would still need to pay for the 200 tickets.

What if we need more tickets?

You may order additional tickets by emailing [email protected] with your ticket reorder request. Each reorder requires a minimum of 200 tickets, followed by increments of 50 (i.e. 250, 300, 350, etc.). The tickets will have the same expiration date as the initial order.

When can we start the sale?
Tickets will be ready for pick up by one of the approved parties noted on the Ticket Order Form.  Tickets take up to 5-working days to print.  Tickets are valid when you pick them up.
Hawaii:  the printer will contact you when tickets are ready for pick up.
Nevada:  the store manager at Zippy’s Badura will contact you when tickets are received and ready for pick up. It may take a few more working days to send tickets to Zippy’s.
What happens if we don’t sell all the tickets?

If your organization ordered more than 200 tickets, any of the unsold tickets in excess of the minimum 200 tickets may be returned. Unsold tickets must be returned within seven working days after the ticket expiration date. Should you return 10% or more of your total ticket order, your organization will be charged a printing fee of $0.14 for each ticket returned plus applicable GET.

HAWAII: tickets must be returned to Zippy’s Administration Office. Please schedule an appointment by emailing [email protected]

NEVADA: tickets must be returned to Zippy’s Badura (or whatever name we land on). Please schedule an appointment by emailing [email protected]

What happens if tickets are lost or stolen?

Tickets should be treated like cash. Lost or stolen tickets will not be replaced or refunded. Lost or stolen tickets cannot be identified at the store level due to the large volume of tickets being redeemed. We encourage you to be extremely careful in handling the tickets.

What happens if tickets pass the expiration date?

There are no refunds and no substitutions. The ticket holder is granted a five-day grace period after the expiration date to redeem tickets.

What happens when the sale is over?

You will be billed for all “tickets sold” minus any payments already made (down payment and progress payment). Final payment is due within 10 days of receipt of your billing statement. Payment should be directly from the organization or its applicants. We will not accept card payment or checks from individual members of the organization or customers. Check should be payable to: Zippy’s Restaurants.