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Only the ono survived as Zippy’s classics went head-to-head in Menu Madness!

During each round of March Madness we had a head-to-head matchup of your favorite menu items! Voters for each round received a unique promo code for 10% off the winning item for round!

(Promo codes provided are no longer valid as of April 11, 2022)

Checkout the winners below!

Winner - Chili Rice

Clash of the Classics!

Chili Rice vs. Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

Winner - Breakfast Bento #3

Breakfast of Champions!

Corned Beef Hash vs. Bacon

Winner - Saimin

Soup Scrimmage!

Portuguese Bean Soup vs. Saimin

Winner - Portuguese Omelette Sandwich

Battle of the Breads

Grilled Corn Bread vs. Portuguese Omelette Sandwich

Winner - Orange Bang

Grappling Gulps!

Orange Bang vs. Lilikoi Drink

Winner - Loco Moco

Hearty Heavy Hitters!

Loco Moco vs. Hamburger Steak

Winner - Zip Pac®

Old School vs. New School!

Zip Pac® vs. Korean Fried Chicken Plate

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