Zippy's Las Vegas Grand Opening

Announcing the date you’ve been waiting for…

October 10th at 10:10am

Zippy's Badura

We are proud to announce that our first location outside of Hawai‘i is set to open to the public on Tuesday, October 10th at 10:10am. We look forward to sharing aloha, by bringing ‘ono food to the Las Vegas Valley!

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Zippy’s Las Vegas FAQs

When is Zippy’s opening in Las Vegas

Tuesday, October 10, 2023 at 10:10am. The date is just the earliest we could open – and it’s easy to remember “10/10 at 10:10.”

Where is it located?

It is at 7095 Badura Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89118, on the corner of Badura Avenue and Montessouri Street in the Southwest corner of Las Vegas. Take the 215 and get off at Rainbow Boulevard. Head south on Rainbow and turn right onto Badura Avenue. We are located near the Arroyo Market Square.

I want to work at Zippy’s - what kind of pay and benefits do you offer?

We want you to work at Zippy’s! View all of our open positions at Pay is competitive with other restaurants, and our benefits include paid time off, medical/dental/vision insurance, free duty meals, a 401(k) plan, employee discounts and so much more! Most importantly, we are still a family business and many of our executives know our staff personally and enjoy interacting with the frontline. However, we are big enough that we can offer large company benefit plans, opportunities for advancement, and development to those that seek it. Quite simply, we offer the best of both worlds: a personalized concern for staff members and entrepreneurial spirit of a smaller company, while still being big enough to offer strongly competitive pay, benefits, and chances for advancement.

What took you guys so long?! We’ve been waiting for years!

Vegas has been patiently waiting for Zippy’s! When we first announced our intentions to open in the valley in 2018, we had hoped to open in 2020. We all know what happened. Like so many restaurants, we were hit hard by the pandemic and we had to pivot to ensuring that our core business in Hawaii was stable. While it wasn’t easy, we were able to make it out of the pandemic leaner and meaner – but we got caught behind a global supply chain shortage of construction materials. Long story short, we wanted to be open sooner, but here we are now!

Are you opening more locations in Vegas

We are looking at more locations to serve all the residents of Las Vegas. No firm decisions have been made about any particular location at this time, but we will use to make any announcements of new locations. Right now, we are focused on getting our first location and central kitchen up to speed.

We want a Zippy’s in our city! Are you opening locations outside of Las Vegas?

Right now, we are focused on ensuring a successful operation in Las Vegas. Other cities in the Continental U.S. will be considered at a later date.

What about other locations in Hawaii, such as on Kauai or in Kailua-Kona?

We are always considering new locations in our home state. At this time, the correct mix of timing, available locations, and other business considerations haven’t yet presented themselves. We will continue to evaluate new business opportunities in Hawaii.

Can I buy a Zippy’s franchise?

All Zippy’s stores are company-owned and we do not franchise at this time.

Currently, you don’t ship your frozen retail boxes in the mail. Will you do so once the Las Vegas location is open since it will be on the continent?

All of our frozen retail boxed products, like our chilis and soups, are produced exclusively in our Hawaii production facility, which is certified by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) specifically for us to ship our frozen products across state lines and to sell them in other retail outlets. Because of the stringent production regulations, and the expense associated with it, only our Hawaii facility will produce the retail boxes of Zippy’s menu items. A positive side-effect of this is that all of our retail chilis are made with 100% Hawaii-sourced ground beef! We support buying from within the state of Hawaii as much as possible, and we work with ranchers and meat processors to get the freshest all-local ground beef in Hawaii. The next time you purchase a retail box of chili at a store in the continental U.S. you are supporting Hawaii’s local cattle industry. 

I have some promotional money coupons and customer recovery coupons that I received in Hawaii. Will they be accepted at your Badura Avenue location?

Yes! All promotional money coupons issued in Hawaii are valid for use in Las Vegas, subject to the expiration date and terms and conditions as printed on the coupons.

What about the gift cards I purchased or received years ago - are those valid for use at this new location?

Yes! All Zippy’s gift cards are valid for use in Las Vegas, subject to the terms and conditions printed on that card.