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Daily Plates

Featuring the classics like Chicken Katsu, Fried Chicken, and our famous Zip Pac®.

All items are subject to availability.

All of our famous fried chicken offered on one plate.

1 piece of Fried Chicken, 1 piece of Chicken Katsu, and 5 pieces of Korean Chicken on a bed of shredded cabbage.

What could make a Surf Pac® even better?! Add a scoop of Chili and Mac Salad.

A match made in heaven: Korean Chicken + Chili.

Your favorite meal just upgraded to include Mac Salad AND Chili.

The most famous item on our menu! A piece of fried chicken, breaded hoki fish, a slice of teri beef, and Spam® on a bed of rice topped by furikake and takuan. (Regular size pictured) Mini comes with a piece of fried chicken and teri beef.

Two pieces of teri beef and fried chicken, with a slice of Spam® on a bed of rice.

Golden fried pieces of chicken topped with our acclaimed Korean style sauce. One of our best sellers!

Fresh greens, Korean fried chicken pieces, topped with tomato wedges, cucumber medallions and green onions. Served with our creamy Asian sesame dressing.

A breaded, golden fried chicken cutlet.

Crunch into three pieces of our golden brown and juicy fried chicken.

Succulent grilled jumbo hamburger patty topped with brown gravy.

A local favorite! Hamburger steak with two island eggs and rice smothered with brown gravy.

Spaghetti topped with our rich meat sauce served with a piece of garlic bread.

Marinated in our special teriyaki sauce for hours.