Locally Ours

Zippy’s Restaurants shares Hawaii through food. Locally Ours is a video series that profiles some of the local companies that provide us the fresh ingredients that we proudly cook and serve to our guests with Aloha.

Sun Noodle

Saimin is unique to Hawaii that is why we source our noodles from locally owned and operated Sun Noodle. Although it only takes flour, salt and water to make saimin noodles, watch how Sun Noodle puts in that extra care to make them so delicious.

Kahuku Farms

Located on the North Shore of Oahu, Kahuku Farms is owned by the Matsuda and Fukuyama families, who have been farming for over a century. Watch how Kahuku Farms cultivates the Laie Gold papaya for Zippy’s customers.

Eggs Hawaiʻi

When Zippy’s Restaurants writes, “fresh island eggs,” in our menu we are referring to the eggs from Eggs Hawaii. We are proud to feature this family farm based in Waianae on this episode of Locally Ours.

Sugarland Growers

Sugarland Growers is one of Hawaii’s largest diversified crop operations, and supplies Zippy’s Restaurants with fresh, locally-grown tomatoes. Check out how this farm grows food to the specific needs of customers like Zippy’s on this episode of Locally Ours.


Armstrong Produce

Armstrong Produce is like the bridge between the farms and Zippy’s Restaurants. Check out how this family-owned and locally-operated distribution company delivers fresh produce all over Hawaii. Armstrong Produce