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Pineapple Haupia Waffle

From March 1st — April 30th, Zippy’s dine-in restaurants are offering the Pineapple Haupia Waffle! Our crisp Belgian waffle takes a tropical detour and is topped with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, macadamia nuts, crushed pineapple, and haupia sauce! The Pineapple Haupia Waffle … Continue reading

Korean Fried Tofu Salad

Available February 1 — March 31, 2015 Returning to Zippy’s dine-in restaurants as part of its seasonal salads program is our Korean Fried Tofu Salad! The Korean Fried Tofu Salad includes panko crusted tofu cubes, marinated in our own Korean sauce, over Kunia Country … Continue reading

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